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Akasha Yoga Teacher Training 


Akasha Yoga
200 Hour Teacher Training 


Corpus Christi, Texas

Master Workshops
Asanas / Poses

Akasha Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Hatha & Retreat Teacher Training



Leah Bess Murray

Featuring 5 additional teachers!


Our mission is to provide a rigorous training of movement with the key elements for excellency required in teaching a safe and skilled yoga class. Business ethics and Ethical R Retreat training. 


What does it mean to be 200 hour certified?

The literal meaning is that you have trained for 200 hours with experienced trainers who have taught yoga for 10+ years and have logged over over 8,000 hours in teaching classes.


200 Hour Certification Schedule:

Starting Date:

1st Weekend: August 25-27th

Physiology & Anatomy

2nd Weekend: 9/29-10/1st

Themes & Sequencing

Divine Full Moon Gathering Nueces Brewery

Friday - September 29th

3rd Weekend: 10/13-15

Divine New Moon Gathering Akasha

Spirituality & Theory & Yogic History

4th Weekend: 11/10-12

Nourishing the Yogi 

South Padre Island, Texas

5th Weekend: 12/1-3

Business Ethics & Community

Frio River - Conroe, Texas

**Optional** Week Retreat Training: 12/13-17th

Panama International Retreat Training

Added 50 Hour Intensive Training

Graduation: January 14th, 2024

Certification Early Bird Cost: $3500

*Must pay 50% to hold your space* 

September 1st - Balance is due

**Book Prior To June**

After June Regular Rate: $3700


  • Snacks and beverages for every weekend attending training at Akasha yoga. 

  • Any yoga classes offered by Akasha Yoga outside of training can be attended as a trainee free of cost.

  • Retreat Costs + Food for South Padre Island & Conroe, Texas

    • International Retreat Training + Accommodations in Panama are extra cost 

Yoga Teacher with Student

We are focused
on making
our program intimate and
highly practical based. 

You will be teaching yoga
every weekend of our 

This insures you to be 
comfortable as a confident
yoga teacher right out
of graduation!

More Information:

Our training will be a mix of Hatha, Kundalini and Vinyasa.

Hatha Yoga - The focus is on controlling both the posture and the breath. Literally (in Sanskrit), “Hatha” means “force” and is used in reference to the physical posture. Therefore, any yoga posture with our body can be considered Hatha Yoga. Another focus is international Retreat business & ethics.

Payment Information:

If paid in full before June the total is $3500. You can purchase your certification via Akasha Yoga mind & body application. 

For payments, please reserve your spot prior to June 1st. The deposit is $500. On September 1st you will pay the balance. 

If you did not hold your spot ahead of time the total amount of $3700

will be due by August 1st.

You can pay by going to Akasha and paying direct at mind body or in person. They take all forms of payment. 

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