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If you are coming please fill this link out:

South Padre Island


...Nourish the YOGI...

Yoga & Massage & Aryuveda Retreat

Designed to guide our teacher trainers and also allow for students to enjoy the process of a retreat while experiencing different teachers who will be leading our community in 2024 in Corpus Christi, Texas.

This retreat will be connecting us to our sister island, South Padre Island and the community we have down on the border! 

We will be learning about yogic foods and the over all life of a yogi down in South Padre.

Link to EVENT:

Frio River, Texas


Nourish the Soul

This guided yogic journey will begin at the Frio River! This retreat is designed to teach us a bit about hosting and creating retreats with different concepts up in the hill country of Texas.

We will be diving into different concepts of themes and the 8 limbed path while hosting a retreat. 

This is great for practitioners and also teachers! 



Nourish the WILD!

Our Panama adventure is all about cutting loose and getting very curious as to what it means to be able to nourish your wild side! This retreat and guided adventure is for anyone looking to be amazed and challenged in many ways. 

Link to Facebook Event:

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Nourishing The Yogi - SPI 

Nourishing The Soul - FRIO:

Private: $850

Shared: $550

Nourishing The WILD

Private: $1500

Shared: $900

All retreats include:

-Yoga Daily

-Surf Daily *If possible*

-Meditation Daily


-Community Connections

-Meals in SPI & FRIO included



-Retreat Gift

Not included?

-Travel *But ride share is available*

-Full Meals (Only snacks and Beverages Provide) *Only in Bocas all meals are not provided*

Deposit & Cancellations:

To hold your space you must place a deposit $300 and 10 days prior pay in full. 

To receive full refund you must cancel 14 days prior. 13 days prior of the event no refund.

Sign Up Link Here

Cash App:

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