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November, 11-13th

Business Ethics & Community

5-6pm @Nueces Brewery

Community Yoga

Touching & Assisting


Who will be teaching which pose? Two people can teach each pose. One person can teach one side and the other person can teach the other side.

Starting on our back and Chosen Upa (Jacob & Cindy)

Bridge (Charlotte & Zoe)

Camel (Cassandra & Connie)

Wildthing (Barbara)

Reclined Twist & Who is leading Savasana? (Cindy & Jacob)


Themes & Niches + Workshops

Example of themes which brings in business?

Hot Yoga & Cold Beer

Sweaty Yoga

Drake Yoga

90'S Yoga

In essence you are considering "niches" of who and what you are connected with. Everyone will be different.

You can create a workshop around the chakra system & healing & crystals.

Muladara - "Root"

Location: Perineum in men, cervix in women

Bija Mantra: Lam

Svadhishthana/Sacral - "Own - base center"

Location: Spine area behind genital region

Bija Mantra: Vam

Manipura / Solar Plexus - "Wheel of the jeweled city"

Location - Behind the navel

Mantra: Ram

Anahata - Heart - "Wheel of the unstruck sound"

Mantra: Yam

Vishuddhi - Throat Chakra - "Pure Wheel"
Deep Blue Violet
Mantra: Ham

Ajna - Third Eye - "Command Wheel"
Color: Silver or White
Mantra: AUM

Sahasrara - Crown - "Thousand Spoked Wheel"
Color: Golden Pure Light
Mantra - Silent, Internal AUM

Saturday Night Reads: Teaching Yoga 44-50


Sunday Theme:

Yoga business & Retreats




Things to consider when planning for retreat:

  • Amount of rooms and details of what is available.

  • Cancelation Policy

  • Minimum Nightly stay

  • Everyone must sign digital contract which protects you and any parties involved in your event or retreat.

Digital Contract Information:

  • You can use google forms and create your contract like I did for these forms below:

Money Exchange

  • Studio & gym payments per class: Ranges from $20-$25 per class.

  • Workshop percentage at Akasha 60/40 split. 60 to the teafcher. (Great rate)

  • Total retreat cost should be covered by the first week of retreat.

  • Deposits should be set to be taken two weeks prior to event.

Cancelation Policies:

  • All scheduled classes have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel more than 24 hrs before your scheduled session you will keep your credit. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled session you will lose your credit.

  • You must cancel two weeks prior to a retreat. Canceling after the two week period forfeits your deposit.

Intake Forms & Contracts:


Passcode: D%^?QS94

Below is a legal document I used for festival you can place some of this verbiage in your forms as well. I am going to edit some of it into the current retreat form above.

I still need to add cancelation information and cost etc.

Download DOCX • 161KB


  • Register with the county your DBA. Doing Business As. Cost about $30

  • Bank account can be opened with the DBA information.

  • All expenses can be claimed with your DBA via a schedule C in your tax document.

  • Training Cost, Books, Essential oils, Clothes, Food (this includes client dates or consultations & workshops & retreat costs) Contract Workers payment, Gas

  • You want to keep track of your mileage driven for travel.

  • Ticket Cost for travel

  • Business Cards

  • Insurance Cost


Ekha Pada Rajakapotasana - One legged Pigeon Post

Balasana - Child's pose

Virabhadrasana - 3





Connie: Iventory List: Your cost/Retail Cost in excel or word or an application. TikTok instead of youtube sequence of your yoga voice!

Cindy: Cost per person for double/single occupancy? How many double rooms are there? How many single king bed rooms? How many single queen rooms? What's included? Min night occupancy? What do we need to bring? Location?

Charlotte: What does meditation & nutrition workshop include? When would you like to be offering this through out the weekend? What is your cost? (Base) What is the charge per person?

Zoe: What would you like to offer as a workshop in Panama?

Jacob: Cost for fire gathering? What would you offer and what would it cost per person?

Cassandra: What would you like to offer as a workshop in Panama?

Barbara: BUTI / Hatha Yoga Workshop. 3 hour workshop across 3 days. Panama City. Santa Catalina. Theme?

Branding & Logos Questions for Homework:

What name are you thinking for your brand?

Your name?


What are your values?

Why are you doing this?

Your Instructor

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