Bocas Del Toro, Panama 

Workshops & Retreats & Vacation Time 

What are you seeking?

Book your vacation on your time or schedule with a retreat already planned!

General Retreat Prices 7 days 6 nights
Basic accommodation $795 per person *Minimum of 2 must book for this price*
All Inclusive $1200 per person 

Local Retreats & Workshops Offered *Local Prices* *Donation Based*

Family Fun?

Group packaging available

Our pricing is a sliding scale and it all depends on your budget. Just contact us with your needs and wants and we will get right back to you.

Learn 2 Surf

Anyone can try it!

We have created the experience for all types of surfers. Wether you are just learning about surfing or wanting to step up your game we have you covered. Our local guide will be showing us the ins and outs of Bocas Del Toro and making sure we have alot of fun in the safest most informed way possible! You can’t beat it.


Retreats & Workshops

Let’s face it, there are plenty of yoga retreat options in Panama. We want to point out the advantages to practicing and booking with us! Number 1, you meet the locals and practice with the locals. Number 2, you get to explore more then 3 spaces to practice yoga. Number 3, our teachers have been teaching yoga for over 6 years and have experience with not only the asana but the ethics of what yoga is and why we are even holding retreats! Get down to the core of yourself and the culture. 


Surf Guiding

We are those guides that take you on the real experience. You will be with a local on your whole trip. You will feel confident about where you are surfing and how to surf. We create comfort and fun. The waves in Bocas range from lefts to rights to reef to beach. If you are looking to step up your game in the most comfortable way possible then we have that for you. 


Bocas Del Toro Retreats are open for November so pick your dates. 

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You have MANY options! 

We are located on Isla Colon. There are a plethora of options in regards to accommodations. If you are going with the all inclusive stay or the basic you will be pleasantly surprised. Depending on what you emphasis of the trip is we will book you accordingly. 

Bocas Del Toro, Panama
(507) 6985-5927


Basic Surf & Yoga Retreats


  • Comes with accommodation for 7 days and 6 nights   
  • Basic Travel & Guiding 
  • 4 yoga sessions

The basic price only applies for 2 or more people. If you are traveling alone we can book you for the basic price and place you in with a group. 

Cacao & Yoga Retreat

1 person Shared Bath $600

2 people Shared Bath $800

1 person Private Bath $700

2 people Private $900

Add Ons

range between $25-$80

  • Zip Linning  
  • Photography sessions 
  • Massage
  • Scuba Diving 
  • Chocolate Tour
  • Chocolate Ceremony
  • ATV Adventure
  • Zapatilla Tour



All Inclusive 


  • Comes with accommodation 7 days and 6 nights 
  • Breakfast & Dinner 
  • All transportation & guiding 
  • 12 Yoga sessions 

Lunch & Alcoholic beverages are not included. 



How do you get to Bocas?

There are two ways we suggest to get to Bocas.

First option:

  • Fly into Panama City (via United, spirit, american)
  • Taxi to Albrook catch AirPanama to Bocas Del Toro (We can help purchase this ticket for you) 

Second Option:

  • Fly into San Jose, Costa Rica via Southwest Airlines
  • Fly or Shuttle to Bocas 
    • Fly NatureAir
    • Shuttle Carribean Shuttle (We can repurchase this for you)

Is it safe to travel alone? How much money should I travel with? What is the exchange? 

Panama in general is very safe. Majority of the country speaks english or tries to. You can safely travel with $200-500. There are safe ATM’s on our island so if you need money you can pull it out once you get here. There is no exchange. Panama uses the American dollar. 

Any Bundle Discount?

Yes! If you are someone who has 3 or more friends who want to visit Panama. You will receive $500 OFF your trip! This applies to a basic package or a all inclusive! 

How Long should I plan for my trip?

If possible we suggest to plan for a 10 day travel period. Sometimes there is lay overs in travel. This way you can at least have your full 6 nights with us and some cushion for travel hiccups. If you can only visit for a short amount of time we will discount our packages for you.