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At the moment, our goal and focus is to bring you to our current adventure destination, Panama! We don't want to just bring you to Panama, we want you to REALLY experience Panama. The culture, vibes, waves, jungle, food, dance -- yes, the dance and so much more! I'm Leah Bess Murray. I have been tour guiding for five years in Mexico & Central America. My parents owned a travel business for 24 years, which is where adventure guiding began originally. My personal mission is to connect with the indigenous we are visiting and to make sure that not only do my clients understand the type of lifestyle, but connect with it. My mission is to be authentic and allow for you to see and be a part of the culture that is Panama!

Panama Adventure with InGreenPeace.com

Check out this Panama Adventure from one of our amazing clients and friends perspective!! So stoked on this gift!! We have 4 spaces available for our December 7th-14th retreat with Nadine Bartelli & JoJo Shell! <3 Come experience Panama with us!

Posted by In Green Peace on Thursday, October 22, 2015

Our current adventure/retreat dates in Panama are as followed:


February 12-19th Surf & Yoga culture retreat!

Unique adventure with a mix of Panama and Argentenian cuisine!





March Spring Break

14th-20th This adventure is designed for a family or group of yogis or surfers! We will be exploring the islands, developing our yoga and surfing practice, and learning about the culture of this area of the Caribbean! Bocas Del Toro is now a hot destination and spring break is just another reason to come visit this paradise!







March 19-26th *Healthy* Retreat

Retreat Hosts: Leah Bess Murray & Joanna *JoJo* Shell



Detoxing Mind Body and Spirit of limiting beliefs and anything we no longer need to serve our highest potential!


There are many ways to detox and we will be showing you what that is about and how to achieve it in the paradise of Panama! This retreat will be filled with many adventures, laughs, and possibly a few tears! We want to connect and create real experiences with each other! Trust us..... You won't forget or regret your March Retreat in Panama!


This retreat will be offering Purium as a add on to get you started with your health goals and take them home with you! This is optional and not required to come on the retreat!


What is Purium?



We will have vegan options as well!



June 20th - 27th

Yoga retreat designed to get you practicing every day and exploring something new while in Panama!

Host: Sarah Gonzalez



4th-11th TBD

18th-25th TBD



** You can place your deposit's down on a retreat to reserve your spot at Book Now! We will capping our retreats at 8-10people. Get excited because we are!*


"It was magical madness from holding 2 surfboards while riding behind mopeds & ATVs to that crazy pirate trail with all of us Texas chicas. There’s also drinking the most delicious mixed smoothie, pond vortexes, and swimming pool swings. Ahhhh such a full on amazing experience with so many distance memories. Oooo & We can’t forget the series of babes on trees hehehehe That was probably my favorite!” -Amanda

“So much beauty in Bocas… friendly people, the beautiful souls that were in our company, zip lining, hiking through the islands, the cacao, the beaches, yoga in the jungle, yoga with waves crashing next to us and spraying sea water, howler moneys, exotic birds… I could go on and on. So much love!” -Jessica Jones

“The scenery, the friendly locals, the amazing food… Visiting Bocas was an adventure I can never forget. So much to see and explore. Everyday was different and everyday was amazing in its own way. Never a dull moment in Bocas!” -Tiffany Abrego

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