Established in 2009, has transformed and faced many facets. Originating from a family business called TripsUnlimited Inc., is now holding space for the many travelers of this earth who are willing to take a chance on a different style of a guided journey.

Where is your next journey going to take you and with you?

South Padre Island

Surf & Yoga Festivals Texas & Panama

Public Relations


Websites & Graphics

We specialize in getting to know what our customer needs, who their target market is and how quickly can we reach that market. We will design a website that you are able to take over and learn how to use within just a few rounds of practice. We can design a team to help advertise your event and get the word out in your city in many different forms. We can create a brand for your idea and help you develop that brand into a lifestyle. You can contact us directly for pricing. Please have an outline of what you would like to do so we can get started! Contact Us. 

Events & Branding